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Why Join TCTC?

Twin City Track Club (TCTC) is a club for anyone with an interest in running and fitness - not just fast or elite runners. Our 600+ members include runners and walkers of all abilities. Beginners and those returning to running/walking after time away are especially encouraged to join TCTC and connect with others who can work out with you and provide encouragement. Membership is inexpensive, only $20 per year for an individual.

There are group runs almost every day of the week. The club uses services for members to post runs and RSVP if they plan to attend. If you can't find a group that runs at your time or pace, let us know, we'll help you start one.

We are runners, yes, but we are also friends and the Twin City Track Club has many organized social events throughout the year. There are hash runs to give you a chance to run and navigate at the same time, and enjoy food and fellowship after. We have breakfast runs at Salem Lake, a seven mile trail run around the lake at any pace followed by breakfast foods provided by TCTC. Some of our most popular events include our an annual picnic, summer outing cheering on The Winston-Salem Dash at the ballpark, and our festive and fun holiday party where we try and recognize each other in something a little fancier that race day attire! . And there are also member-driven and organized trips to major national and regional races.

Our bi-monthly newsletter, the TCTC Flyer, is widely regarded as the best in the state, even one of the best in the country. Articles and interest stories are provided by the members. In addition, there are summaries of club races, and a calendar of upcoming races and social events. All club members are encouraged to write for the Flyer.

The club hosts many great runs like the Frosty Fifty 50K, Beat the Heat 5K, the nationally known Ultimate Runner and the popular Salem Lake 30K trail race.

 For more information write us at Twin City Track Club, PO Box 692, Winston-Salem, NC 27102, or send us an Email.


15 Reasons to Join the Twin City Track Club

  1. It's a club for everyone - not just fast or elite runners. It's a club for anyone with an interest in running and fitness.  All are welcome!
  2. Currently the club counts about 600 runners among its esteemed membership!
  3. Be a part of North Carolina’s oldest running club. We were established in 1977 and became an incorporated nonprofit organization and member of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and United States Track and Field (USATF).
  4. TCTC Flyer - The club's bi-monthly newsletter widely regarded as the best in the state, even one of the best in the country. Articles and interest stories are provided by the members.
  5. Tuesday track workouts are very popular and are held at the Bob Sosnik track at Hanes Park  Arrive at 6:00 pm for a warmup run followed by a structured track workout.
  6. Wednesday workouts starting at 5:30 p.m. near the William G. White YMCA most of the year, and at JDL Indoor Track during winter months. The Wednesday runs typically include either hill workouts or track workouts. The average number of participants is usually around 25 runners - of all abilities. Everyone is welcome, regardless of ability.
  7. Saturday long runs of varying distance. Great way to train for a marathon!  Check the schedule for locations and times.
  8. Breakfast Runs - a great way for runners of all levels to enjoy a nice, social paced run and then have breakfast fare following!
  9. Be a part of any of the great runs sponsored by the Twin City Track Club, including: 
         Five Dollar 5K Races (7 per year)
         Beat the Heat 5K
         Ultimate Runner (1M, 400M, 800M, 100M & 5K)
         Hobby Trails to You 5K/10K
         Salem Lake Trail Races 30K, 7Mile, and 5K
         Black Friday 20K Relays
         Frosty Fifty 50K, 25K, 50K Relay
  10. Amazing club-sponsored social activities from hash runs to family events to the festive holiday party!
  11. Numerous opportunities to volunteer at races hosted and/or timed by Twin City Track Club. 
  12. Semi-organized trips out of town to numerous runs. Examples include Chicago Marathon, Portland Marathon, B.A.A. Boston Marathon, Cooper River Bridge Run, Richmond Marathon, Grandfather Mountain Marathon, etc .
  13. Club paraphernalia available for reasonable prices. We're not always in fashion - but we always look good.
  14. Low annual dues of only $20, $45 for three years. This is quickly recovered through members discounts for Club Races or with the TCTC 10% discount at Omega Sports.
  15. Great place to meet people who love to walk, jog, or run. The club is home to folks from all walks of life. Great camaraderie!

There's a monthly meeting of the TCTC Board of Directors. Everyone is welcome. Have a say in your club. For more information please email our membership chair.


Twin City Track Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization • Our tax-id number is 56-1292364