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Race Services Overview

Overview of TCTC Race Services

The Twin City Track Club provides low cost services which are an effective resource for local charities who use road races for fund raising and as a vehicle to raise their visibility. TCTC provides the logistical and management support to make these events successful. Events assisted by the club have raised thousands of dollars for Diabetes research, Hospice, the Cancer Society, and other charitable organizations. Local schools and the YMCA also use our services for their events. Club members volunteer their time, helping both the club and the sponsoring organization.       


Race Advisors
For groups without experience in managing a road race, TCTC offers experienced road advisors for race planning and finish line services.  Read more here.

 Race Finish Line
For groups with experience in managing a road race, TCTC offers experienced finish line personnel. A race finish line includes all equipment and personnel needed to manage the race finish line and prepare results. Read more here.

 Chip Timed Finish Line
We can provide chip timing services with accurate and fast race results for races up to 5000 or more participants.  Read more here.

 Equipment Rental
TCTC offers rental of specialized race equipment. We have a digital finish line clocks, TimeMachine timers, stop watches, chutes, and tents available for rent. Read more here.

 Flyer Advertising and Inserts
Inserting a brochure or advertising in the TCTC Flyer is an economical way to reach the entire TCTC membership.  Read more here.