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Summer Track Series

2020 Dates and Time

6:00 PM on Wednesdays @ Hanes Park Track

May 27
June 4
June 10
June 17 (last one; no event week of Ultimate Runner)

Ultimate Runner will be held on June 27, 2020


Summer Track Series (4 meets) at Hanes Park Track, near the R.J. Reynolds High School gym in Winston-Salem. The first meet is on the last Wednesday in May; and the meets continue on the next three Wednesdays in June.  All of the meets start at 6:00 PM.

There is no entry fee. You may run as many events as you like. This is a great tune-up for the TCTC Ultimate Runner event -- which is held on the fourth Saturday in June (and is limited to about 100 entrants).

These events are for runners of all abilities and ages. If you don't want to run, come out and socialize with the other spectators and help with finish line timing and race officiating. We will have a digital clock set up, but there will be no official timekeeping or records kept.

There will be multiple heats per event as needed, based on runners of similar ability. The 100 meters will be run in lanes, and the 2 mile XC will be one heat. Spikes are allowed.

    TIME   -   EVENT
    6:00pm - Mile
    6:25pm - 400 meters
    6:35pm - 800 meters
    6:50pm - 100 meters
    7:15pm - 2 mile XC

Note: Except for the 6:00 PM start time, the above event times are approximate

Come and enjoy the change of pace of track running. This is not just for TCTC members. Anyone is welcome to participate.