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St Patrick's Day Hash Run


Date:  Saturday, March 17

Time: 4:00 pm 

Hosted by Connie Frye
1105 Ebert Street
Winston Salem, NC 27103

We will run from Connie's home at 1105 Ebert St. (phone 336-655-2479, if you need it). Come and enjoy the run, the fellowship and refreshments. When else can you finish off a 4 mile run with green beer?

If you’ve never done a hash run, they’re loads of fun. A hash is an easy, social three or four mile run intended for runners of all paces. The run will be followed by refreshments chez “Connie”.

Hope to see you there!

Hash runs are fun runs that are led by a "hare" who, given a ten minute head start, leaves a trail of flour or "hash marks" for the pursuing pack to follow. Some marks are easily found, others are more obscure and require the lead runners to split up and look in several directions. This gives slower runners a chance to catch up. Hash runs often involve unusual areas or terrain. They are not races, but rather social runs that can be enjoyed by the elite racer or casual runner. No great running speed or skill is required. Typical distance is 3-4 miles.