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Red Dress Run 2021

Red Dress Run 2021 - Feb. 12-15

February is American Heart Month and the kick off for the Go Red for Women campaign. In pre-pandemic times, we would have normally held the annual Red Dress Hash Run; however considering we are still in the midst of the pandemic, we have chosen to make it a virtual run this year. We encourage you to go out on your own or with people in your “covid bubble” and get in a 3-4 mile run during the period Feb. 12-15. There may not be a hare to chase or flour piles to search for, but that doesn’t mean your run has to be a bore!

Here are our suggestions to make your run a little more fun:

  • Dress in all RED, from head to toe, if possible
  • You are HIGHLY encouraged to run in a red dress/skirt, no matter if you are male or female! RED accessories are also highly encouraged to complete your outfit! (Don’t have a red dress? Check out your local Goodwill!) 
  • Find as many RED items as you can while out on your run and take a selfie with them. If you're feeling creative, make a photo collage with them after your run and post it on social media! Use the hashtag #getyourredon.
  • Remind yourself at the beginning and end of your run how important running is for your heart health and all the good you are doing for your body! Dedicate your run to someone you hold dear in your heart! 
  • If you're feeling really creative, make some heart-themed Strava art! 

We encourage you to read up on the amazing benefits running can have on your heart health and share that information with your friends, family, and coworkers. We challenge you to Go Red and dedicate your run to someone special to you! We look forward to seeing your “Red Dress Run” pictures and posts on social media! Remember, running has not been canceled!


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