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New Year’s Day QR Challenge

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New Year’s Day is less than 2 weeks away! 2021 is upon our heels and approaching fast, which means we must disclose about the status of the New Year’s Day Hash Run!  COVID is still upon us and numbers are high, so we have chosen to change up things and give this a try!

Due to the increasing numbers of COVID in the community, and for the general safety and wellness of our members, we have chosen to switch things up this year for the New Year’s Day Hash Run. It is near impossible to host a “virtual” hash run, so we have created a new type of event for our members to take part in that doesn’t involve being in a large group of people and can be done on your own. It is called the “New Year's Day QR Challenge”. The event will take place from 8AM to 5PM on New Year’s Day.  This means the QR codes and clues will be posted in the various locations during those times only on New Year’s Day and then they will be removed. You will be encouraged to run/walk from the starting QR code to the final code of the day. There will be 8 stops along the way, and if you don’t get lost and follow the shortest path, it should take you between 3-4 miles to complete your hunt.

How It Works

You will show up at the starting location and look for the first QR barcode sign to scan. Using your phone, you will scan the barcode with either the free “QR Reader” app which is strongly recommended or if not you can use the camera app on your phone as a backup and scan it that way... however, it is harder to read the clues that way. Once you scan the code it will have a message for you. The message will be a statement/riddle that you will need to solve, and the answer will guide you to where you need to go to find the next clue. Continue this process until you have found all 8 QR Barcodes and the final destination. Your final clue will be close to the starting location so that you can get back to your car easily. You can take your time with the scavenger hunt or if you really want a challenge then time yourself and map it on Strava and see if you can be the quickest to finish…bragging rights are up for grabs! It isn’t called a QR (Quick Response) code for nothing! 

What You Will Need

  • Phone – you must carry your phone in order to scan the barcode apps to read off the clues
  • Creative Mind – to help solve the clues….some are TCTC related and some are general clues
  • Smile – we encourage you to go out and have fun while searching for your clues, take a selfie along the way and tag us in it, we would love to see your pics!
**Here is the first QR barcode you will need to scan in order to determine your starting location for the QR Code Scavenger Hunt. Remember the clues will only be out on New Year’s day from 8AM-5PM so plan accordingly! Make sure you scan this first barcode with your phone prior to starting to make sure you’re ready and can read the clues/messages without a problem!

Barcodes will look very similar to this, with TCTC name, and about 8x11 size.

You can download the pdf below to save or print this start location QR code.

Click the icon below to download the attached PDF.


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